Tracey Kinley Community Event Coordinator

Boyson Heights is in the process of finishing the elevators. We are looking at a completion date soon! The elevators are in a very centralized location. This will make the ease of moving from first to second floor a breeze!
We may be doing rub a dub dub, just not in a tub. Boyson Heights will have large showers with a very small lip. It will keep the water contained and yet be very easy to get in and out.
The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, marked in countries across the world every October, helps to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease.
Five Warning Signs of Mental Illness Long-lasting sadness or irritability Extremely high and low moods Excessive fear, worry, or anxiety Social withdrawl Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
A mental health screening is an exam of your emotional health. It helps find out if you have a mental disorder. Mental disorders are common. They affect more than half of all Americans at some point in their lives. To learn more, visit