Happy May! We certainly hope this new month not only brings us warmer weather, but also good news on our progress in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm sure, like we are, you are antsy to get back to "life as usual". We have truly witnessed the mightiness of frontline healthcare teams across the nation, as well as right here in our local area. Our senior living communities and nursing homes pride themselves in being trusted to care for the most vulnerable. Our aging adults have earned the right to quality retirement and care options. Our thoughts are with every member of the healthcare teams who are fighting the good fight. 

Having said that, we believe this situation has brought to light the many benefits assisted living communities can bring to our elders. When you speak to residents of senior communities they share their gratefulness in being able to continue to socialize from a distance with their neighbors. They are comfortable knowing they will be provided everything they need without having to leave the community. Yes, they miss visits from their loved ones. But, they are safe and feel comfortable. We look forward to offering that peace of mind to you in the near future WITHOUT a pandemic!

Now on to progress updates! If you haven't driven by the construction site, you should! Siding is on, stone is being set, interiors are starting to see some finish work. It's a bit muddy, but that comes with new construction. Like everyone else, we have experienced material shipping delays due to COVID-19. This has required us to push back our Grand Opening to September. That is only 2 months from our original date though, so if you are considering our community as your new home, we highly encourage you not to delay reviewing your options and reserving an apartment.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the HUGE amount of interest our community has brought, even during this pandemic. We began taking reservations last month and have already reserved several apartment homes in that short time. You will want to be sure your top choices are still available when you are ready! Remember, a reservation doesn't require a scheduled move in date, yet. We can work with you on that.

In addition to apartment reservations, we are seeing lots of interest in our Ambassador Program. Our Boyson Heights Ambassador Program creates opportunities and encourages residents to volunteer and be involved in functions within the Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Hiawatha communities. As a group, and with the assistance of our Recreation Program Director, Boyson Heights residents will seek out and choose various community engagement activities to participate in. We understand that staying engaged with your community helps everyone feel a sense of belonging, develops strong friendships, and gives residents a sense of purpose. Plus, it can be a lot of FUN! We can't wait to begin the planning phases of our first program meeting with our new residents!

We will continue to share progress images on our Facebook page. Search for us by typing Boyson Heights and then click "like and follow". That will ensure you will see all of our updates that are not shared in the monthly newsletter. If you have particular questions that are not being addressed in the monthly newsletter, feel free to call us at (319) 350-7600 or email marketing@boysonheights.com 

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