Preposterous packaging is so commonplace that it enjoys its own day of recognition, Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day,
on August 7. We’ve all been there: You order some small batteries to be delivered, and they arrive in a ridiculously oversized box filled with
a thousand Styrofoam peanuts. Or you go to the grocery store and find that each banana is individually wrapped in plastic. Or perhaps the packaging misidentifies the contents. These are examples of wasteful or inane packaging practices. Another common packaging mistake is to encase a product in an impenetrable cocoon of plastic. There is even a condition known as “wrap rage” that describes the aggravated feelings that overwhelm people when they cannot open a package. Each year, thousands of people suffer cuts on their hands or sprained wrists due to their struggles to open packaging, injuries that require visits to an emergency room. The best solution to this modern problem may be to avoid preposterous packaging altogether and buy local.