In astrology, those born August 1–22 are
Leo’s Lions. These “kings of the jungle” are natural-born leaders, full of creativity, confidence, and charisma. Leos use their generosity and sense of humor to unite different groups into
a common cause. Those born August 23–31 are Virgo’s Virgins. Virgos pay attention to details and like to keep things organized. Their deep sense of humanity and love of others makes them defenders of justice, goodness, and purity.

Celebrity Birthdays


Jason Momoa (actor) – August 1st

Barack Obama (president) – August 4th

Whitney Houston (singer) – August 9th

Viola Davis (actress) – August 11th

Magic Johnson (athlete) – August 14th

Angela Bassett (actress) – August 16th

Kobe Bryant (athlete) – August 23rd

Kenny Rogers (Musician) – August 21st

Katherine Johnson (physicist) – August 26th

Buddy Hackett (comedian) – August 31st


Tenant/Staff Birthdays

Monica Roltgen – August 2nd

Fay Sampson – August 8th

George Coontz- August 17th

Tracy Rounds- August 25th