A Note from Nathalia!

As a nurse it is my job to help improve people’s health which is why I did a little research and found a few things that you can do to improve your quality of life. Just taking these steps can boost your personal well-being and make everyday more meaningful!

  1. Maintain Healthy Relationships

Relationships take an important role in mental health. Research shows that healthy and supportive relationships increase happiness, life satisfaction, and psychological well-being and it also helps reduce the risk of suicide. So, get rid of those negative relationships and keep the positive ones!

  1. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep


Sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle! Our sleep quality affects our mental and physical health. Sleep also affects our quality of life, including our productivity, emotional balance, creativity, and even our weight. No other activity delivers so many benefits.


  1. Exercise

Regular exercise has been proven to positively impact your physical and mental health. Exercise helps curb depression, relieve anxiety, improve your memory and helps with sleeping better. Do not be afraid to join us on our morning exercises at Boyson Heights! Research explains that even 30 minutes of exercise a day can make a difference.


  1. Make Time for Leisure

Research shows that engaging in a leisure activity not only lowers your stress levels and improves your mood, but also enhances your problem-solving skills.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, please let Nathalia know if you have any questions!