In astrology, those born from June 1–20 are the Twins of Gemini. With a feeling that something
or someone is always missing, Twins forever seek new friends and opportunities. They are curious, intelligent, sociable communicators. Those born from June 21–30 are Cancer’s Crabs. Crabs like to retreat into their “shells” and enjoy being surrounded by loved ones at home. They nurture deep relationships and become loyal friends


Celebrity Birthdays

Morgan Freeman (actor) – June 1st

Prince (musician) – June 7th

Frank Lloyd Wright (architect) – June 8th

Judy Garland (entertainer) – June 10th

Jacques Cousteau (explorer) – June 11th

Burl Ives (singer) – June 14th

Lionel Richie (singer) – June 20th

Clarence Thomas (Justice) – June 23rd

Pearl S. Buck (novelist) – June 26th

Pat Morita (actor) – June 28th

Michael Phelps (Olympian) – June 30th


Tenants/Staff Birthdays!


Megan Kleffman – June 29th