July 3 is International Drop a
Rock Day, a day when people
all around the world will
participate in the simple act of
painting rocks and leaving their
small pieces of artwork in
places for others to find and
enjoy. These small acts of public art are like
small, warm hugs for passersby. While it is
easy to find rocks to paint while strolling your
neighborhood, landscaping and gardening
stores often sell rocks for minimal cost. First, make sure to wash your rock of any dirt and debris. Some choose to apply a basecoat of
paint to create a blank canvas, while others
love the look of bare rock as a background.
Acrylic paint is perfect for painting rocks, but
some people choose paint pens for their ease
of use. Lastly, applying a spray sealer will
ensure that your artwork lasts, but some enjoy
the notion that rock art is temporary. When the paint rubs off over time, someone else will get
to paint a fresh message or picture.