In astrology, those born July 1–22 are Cancer’s Crabs. Crabs like to retreat into their “shells” and enjoy being surrounded by loved ones
at home. They nurture deep relationships
and become loyal friends. Those born
July 23–31 are Leo’s Lions. These “kings of the savanna” are natural-born leaders, full of creativity, confidence, and charisma. Leos
use their generosity and sense of humor to unite different groups into a common cause.

Celebrity Birthdays!

Thurgood Marshall (justice) – July 2nd

Frida Kahlo (artist) – July 6th

Satchel Paige (ballplayer) – July 7th

Tom Hanks (actor) – July 9th

Henry David Thoreau (writer) – July 12th

Harrison Ford (actor) – July 13th

Regina Belle (singer) – July 17th

Carlos Santana (guitarist) – July 20th

Ernest Hemingway (writer) – July 21st

Amelia Earhart (pilot) – July 24th

Vivica A. Fox (actress) – July 30th

Tenant/Staff Birthdays!

Beth Mysak – July 3rd

Mary Olinger – July 19th