In astrology, those born between February 1–18 are the Water Bearers of Aquarius. These deep-thinking intellectuals have big and original dreams. The world is full of possibilities, and Aquarians seek freedom in order to reach their greatest potential. Those born between February 19–28 are Pisces’ Fish. Pisces are friendly, wise, and selfless, making them compassionate and generous friends. Their intuitive and romantic natures also make Fish creative and expressive artists.

Kathy Weldon – February 2

Hank Aaron (ballplayer) – February 5

Laura Ingalls Wilder (writer) – February 7

Thomas Edison (inventor) – February 11

Pauline Kloos – February 16

Smokey Robinson (singer) – February 19

Nina Simone (singer) – February 21 

Bill Buckner – February 24

Jackie Gleason (comedian) – February 26

Elizabeth Taylor (actress) – February 27