During September in Savannah, Georgia, cooling
winds blow away the oppressive, swampy heat of
summer, and this “Hostess City of the South” gets to
show what its famed Southern hospitality is all about.
For non-Southerners, the notion of “Southern hospitality”
might seem disingenuous, like a marketing pitch employed
by southern businesses. For many Southerners, though,
Southern hospitality is truly a way of life.

Southern hospitality is more than welcoming visitors with
a neighborly sense of charm. Southern hospitality has six foundational characteristics: 1. Politeness and manners matter. When engaging with visitors, polite talk is a sign
of respect. 2. Nothing says “Welcome to my home” better than good home cooking. Every Southern cook knows a few time-tested recipes that will warm the stomach, heart, and soul, such as peach cobbler, hummingbird cake, fried green tomatoes, or shrimp and grits. 3. Kindness extends not just to friends and neighbors but to strangers as well.
4. If someone is lost and needs directions or if a neighbor needs help fixing their lawnmower, one must always offer
to help. 5. Southern charm can be magical. Witty small talk, compliments, and pleasantries put guests at ease
and make them feel like old friends. 6. What some
might call charity, others call the golden rule. Do unto others what you would have done unto you, and most
importantly, do it freely and without any expectation of reciprocity. These characteristics provide a foundation
on which Southern hospitality is built.

For those looking to experience firsthand the best of Southern hospitality, look no further than September in Savannah. The city’s marquee event is Jazz Fest from September 23–26. Savannah’s jazz scene is as old as
that in New Orleans, and Jazz Fest has offered the best
local acts for 40 years. Savannah’s art walks also begin this
month with free tours of galleries in the Historic District.
For foodies, the annual Pin Point Seafood Festival
features plenty of local dishes, from Gullah Geechee
classics to modern cuisine. Everywhere you go, you’re sure to be charmed by this lovely southern city.