April is Poetry Month, which gives us 30 days to appreciate poems and the creative minds that give them to us. For some, poetry is as necessary to life as breathing. Poems are unique expressions of thoughts and feelings that inspire epiphanies large and small. For others, poetry remains inaccessible and difficult.

to understand. You can almost hear the desperate cries of “30 days?!” Thirty days’ worth of the stuff is torture for some, so for those in need of a smaller dose, April 29 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. On this day, choose any poem you like—long or short, modern
or old-timey, humorous, or serious, simple, or complicated—and carry it in your pocket. Read it to yourself throughout the day or whenever the feeling strikes. Contemplate it. Puzzle over it. Question it. Share it with others if you like. Or keep it to yourself, like a secret. No one must know that you have a poem stashed away
in your pocket. Above all else, enjoy it. If you need help getting started, consider these lines by Archibald MacLeish:

          A poem should be palpable and mute.

          As a globed fruit